The right display area will help photo collections look their best

May 24 2011

Organizing photos into a collection can be done for a wall display or table arrangement.
Organizing photos into a collection can be done for a wall display or table arrangement.
There's no right or wrong place to display photos, but there are some rules that can guide home decorators who want to show photographs to their best advantage.

Some designers say displaying photos is more effective when shown in an arrangement on a side table rather than on walls. But in recent years, many designers have recommended creating display walls of both photos and artwork to create a focal point within a room.

Along with finding the best place to display family photos, recommends using frames of the same material or color to give them the look of a unified collection. Keeping the frames at approximately the same size also allows them to be seen as a whole, rather than having one stand out and disrupt the unity of the display.

"Remember, you want your photos to stand out more than their frames, so simple combinations such as metal, black, or plain wood frames with neutral-colored mats are often the best choice," the website advises.

For a window treatment that softens the angular look of a photo collection, soft sheer shades have an elegant look. They allow filtered light to enter a room, without blocking outside views altogether.
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