A new window treatment helps give a quick makeover to a guest room

May 20 2011

A few simple changes can get an extra bedroom ready for a guest.
A few simple changes can get an extra bedroom ready for a guest.
Getting a guest room in shape quickly for a weekend visitor can be accomplished with a minimum of fuss and maximum style.

Moving the main bedroom pieces - the bed, bureau and seating area – may open up some space that the homeowner didn't have in the former arrangement. Adding new hardware or lampshades are inexpensive ways to rejuvenate older furniture and light fixtures.

Adding a new window treatment can help make the window a focal point of the room, according to Good Housekeeping magazine. New window coverings can be matched in color to the bedding ensemble or kept neutral to coordinate with a variety of looks the homeowner may use to change with the seasons.

"Add some 'wow' to windows with a valance," the magazine suggests. "Complement solid curtains with a pattern valance, and vice versa."

Adding a new duvet cover and shams can create a new look, but don't be too quick to match every piece. "Don't be tempted by the 'bed in a bag' because nothing is more mind-numbing and impersonal than having everything in a room match," Good Housekeeping advises.
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