Creating the perfect outdoor living area

May 13 2011

Creating the perfect outdoor living area.
Creating the perfect outdoor living area.
The warm weather is finally here, so if you're in the midst of remodeling your screened-in porch, there are a few ways to make it stand out from the rest. Interior designer Lindsey Zugelder recently sat down with The Calgary Herald, to share some tips for homeowners looking to create the perfect outdoor living area.

"It's really important to treat out outdoor spaces with as much thought and consideration as our interiors," Zugelder told the news source. "If you have a smaller space, you won't be able to create it all, so start with a living room.

Zugelder suggests eschewing the traditional patio furniture and instead using living room standards such as small sofas and sectionals to furnish a screened-in porch. Bold fabrics will help to liven up the space, and there are a wide range of outdoor fabrics that will protect your furniture from the elements.

To give yourself privacy, and to control the amount of light on your screened in porch, consider some faux wood blinds. They will instantly add warmth and texture to your outdoor seating area, and they are durable enough to handle whatever the weather throws at them.
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