Child's room needs to be attractive and safe to suit youngsters and parents

May 11 2011

Decoration of a child's room should reflect his or her interests.
Decoration of a child's room should reflect his or her interests.
Decorating a child's room should take into account the changing interests of a youngster to come up with a space that makes them feel comfortable.

"A child's room will truly feel like their own space if you allow them to weigh in on the design choices," recommends

From a parent's point of view, those choices also need to be safe ones. For instance, cordless blinds will look good with virtually any design a child desires, while putting the parents at ease. They can be lifted or tilted to control light without cords that can be a safety hazard for young children.

One idea that the website suggests is to create artwork in line with a child's interests, and make it in colors that come from those used to decorate the room. An eye-catching focal point above the bed can be made in colors from the bedding ensemble.

A child's room needs to be outfitted with furniture that is not only attractive, but child-friendly. There should be no sharp edges or small moveable parts that can be easily removed and surfaces need to be easy to clean.
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