Pastels of cottage decorating often have a dusty, vintage look

May 9 2011

Soft pastels are frequently used in cottage style decorating.
Soft pastels are frequently used in cottage style decorating.
Pastel colors are a mainstay in cottage style decorating, and they often work best in dusty, muted tones to evoke a vintage look of traditional cottages.

Another design element that keeps to the vintage theme is the use of shutters as a window covering. Usually left in a light wood finish or painted white, they offer an attractive complement to pastel walls.

According to, print curtains should include the wall color as one of hues in the pattern to avoid a mismatched look. Solid or patterned, a lightweight fabric will make the best use of natural light and not overwhelm the airy look of cottage style decorating.

Gray with a hint of blue offers a good base color for the traditional white trim, fabrics and painted furniture of cottage style decorating. It works just as well against the filmy look of sheer curtains that are a traditional window treatment for cottage-themed rooms, according to the website.

Accessories in cottage-style decorating are often vintage items, such as collectibles displayed on shelving and side tables, and baskets used for storage. Artwork frequently depicts seashore or gardening themes.
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