Glass and mirrors give kitchens an open, expansive look

Apr 29 2011

Lots of glass in a kitchen gives the room an expansive look.
Lots of glass in a kitchen gives the room an expansive look.
Glass and mirrors offer homeowners an easy way to give the illusion of more space in a small kitchen.

Incorporating glass can be done most easily in kitchen cabinetry to display attractive dishes and cookware. There are also glass-based countertops and highly reflective glass tile available to incorporate this expansive, see-through style.

"One of the new uses for glass in the kitchen is recycled glass countertops made from recyclable materials collected from a variety of sources, including old condiment bottles, broken glass, and even windshields," according to This style of countertop is very sturdy, holds a shine well and is sustainable."

Mirrors also have a place in the kitchen either as a backsplash or as individual pieces placed around the room to lighten the look. Shiny surfaces go particularly well with stainless steel appliances.

Glass doors, whether they are placed at the main entry or a doorway that leads to the next room, also give an expansive look to a kitchen.

An attractive window treatment will make a kitchen's windows more of a focal point. Buying custom blinds online gives homeowners a wide choice of colors and finishes and fit with the smooth look that glassy surfaces bring to a room.
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