Pleated shades provide somnolent settings for afternoon naps

Jun 28 2010

Pleated shades provide somnolent settings for afternoon naps
Pleated shades provide somnolent settings for afternoon naps
A long day at work or a hot summer day can sometimes inspire the need for rest during the middle of the day when the sun is still shining. People who have just gotten through a commute, a day at the beach or who are caring for an infant may be interested in pleated shades to help create an environment that blocks out the daylight. especially recommends room darkening pleated shades as an addition to a baby's room. Many younger children and teenagers need to sleep during the day and the source states that these shades can successfully create a dark room, no matter the time of the day. For those interested in safety, some pleated shades are also cordless.

If room darkening shades are too dark, light filtering pleated shades are also available. These shades can create a similarly restful radiance, while keeping it light enough to see the room during the day.

Either model of pleated shades is available in a wide variety of colors and are designed to resist dragging or drooping. If one is looking to find a way to sleep peacefully during the day, these shades can make a world of difference.
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