Custom drapery blends well in a room with different fabrics

Apr 20 2011

Different fabrics used in a room's design should be complementary.
Different fabrics used in a room's design should be complementary.
Using three types of fabric in a room's design instead of just one solid and one print can add not only variety in color and pattern, but also in the scale and texture of the décor. recommends that home decorators keep some simple rules in mind to make the best combination. "Vary the three fabrics in contrast - one fabric should be light, one medium and one dark," the website advises. "Furnishings with simple lines invite fabrics that are more complex in color or texture, whereas detailed, ornate shapes demand more subdued fabrics."

Finding the right balance comes down to choosing complementary, not conflicting fabrics. One example is to choose one large-scale pattern and balance it with two smaller designs or a solid that serves as the anchor color.

Decorating with smaller patterns can be deceiving, because they sometimes become indistinct from a distance. Stepping away from the pattern to get the full view presents a clearer picture about how it will look to someone entering the room.

Custom drapery comes in any color or fabric, allowing drapes to be integrated easily into a room's design scheme. Different styles in drapery hardware, curtain rods and finials can also create a personalized look.
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