Lend some beauty to your bathroom with contemporary window treatments

Apr 14 2011

Making the best use of natural light is essential in your bathroom's redesign.
Making the best use of natural light is essential in your bathroom's redesign.
Now that spring is here, homeowners will be looking to remodel their space in preparation for the home buying season or perhaps simply to renew the look of their interiors. Bathrooms are normally the first places where renovations take place, and window blinds and shades are cost-effective ways to renew the look of the spaces in your home that get the most use.

Universal design is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the interior design world. Finding a way to create a timeless aesthetic and increase traffic flow and accessibility in kitchens and bathrooms is essential to making this renovation your last.

"If our homes are designed with these principles in place, they are adaptable," interior designer Jeanette Knudsen, told the Shreveport Times.

When designing the look of your bathroom, you'll want to go with a look that can stand the test of time, even when you get to an older age. Placing power outlets in accessible areas, adding a tub instead of a standing shower and installing a handheld showerhead for additional convenience are all good ideas. According to a 2010 AARP survey of homeowners 45 years and older, 75 percent said they want to stay in their homes as long as possible, according to the news source.

This is simply the reality of the housing market and the cost-effectiveness of renovations over the hassle of moving. So when you create a design plan for your washroom, the long-term appeal and versatility of the space is paramount to creating an interior design that can make your life simpler.

When the tough renovations are out of the way, you can concentrate on the appearance of your bathroom and how to get the most out of the space. Today's interior designers are looking up when designing bathrooms, using horizontal shelving, cabinetry and other accents to increase storage space. This also opens up the room's traffic flow and its decorating potential.

Natural light is your greatest ally when decorating a bathroom, so if you have one or more windows in the space, window blinds and shades can be the easiest part of your design process. But, since the area will be exposed to steam and moisture on a regular basis, you'll need a durable option to weather the extreme temperature changes.

Faux wood blinds are a simple way to add warmth and a natural aesthetic to bathrooms and they can be custom-built to fit any window. They will not warp or lose their finish after years of heavy use, and they are available in a wide range of styles and textures. The blinds are extremely resistant to humidity and are fully washable, making your spring cleaning chores a bit easier.

If you're looking for something a bit more versatile, roman shades are a fabric variety that will add texture to your bathroom. They are available in countless colors and styles and offer a timeless appeal for any living space. Privacy is always a concern in bathrooms and roman shades will allow a small bit of ambient light to filter into your space, while still keeping outsiders from looking in. Best of all, the shades are also available with a cellular shade liner, which will control air leakage and improve your energy efficiency.

No matter what you have on the drawing board, window treatments should be a mainstay in your new bathroom. It's the easiest way to be sustainable, provide privacy and to instantly add style and flair to the areas you use most.  
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