New blinds may help increase home's resale value

May 25 2010

New blinds may help increase home's resale value
New blinds may help increase home's resale value
Before putting their home on the market, many homeowners look for ways to increase their property's resale value. But, according to the Blanco County News, most remodeling projects cost more than the amount the home's value will increase. Instead of taking on large renovations, homeowners can focus on smaller updates to improve their home's look, and hopefully, its value.

While much of a house's value comes from the structure itself, a great deal of it also stems from what homeowners do with the space, the news source reports. states that stylish and durable window treatments may help to increase a property's resale value.

Immediately replace any broken shades, as interested buyers may be turned-off by inoperable blinds. The news provider suggests installing wooden shutters in high-traffic areas, as "shutters are considered furniture for your windows and make an impressive statement."

When deciding on a color scheme, stick to neutrals and whites - these are most-likely to match the buyer's decor. Those looking to sell their home should purchase new blinds with the intention of leaving them for the new owners.
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