A sense of balance is essential for interior decorating

Apr 1 2011

Paint color and creative use of window treatments can really spruce up your bedroom.
Paint color and creative use of window treatments can really spruce up your bedroom.
Homeowners that are beginning a design project have a limitless amount of options in front of them, so it's important to stay grounded with your layout. For bedrooms in particular, choosing the right wall color and creatively using window treatments is essential to having a room you can live with for years to come, according to Silentnight.co.uk.

TV presenter and interior designer Linda Barker recently shared her insights on creating a modern layout that features the homeowner's personality.

"People are always going to like minimalist looks with a neutral palette, but there's also a very strong bohemian look that is quite eclectic, and people want more originality in their homes," Barker told the news source.

Barker believes that home craft projects are an easy way to add flair, and designers tend to avoid store-bought accents. Blue has become very popular for bedroom walls, and creates a soothing effect that is fitting for the space.

Window blinds and shades are essential to creating a welcoming atmosphere, so try some soft sheer shades. These come in light-filtering and room-darkening varieties to reduce glare and help you get a better night's sleep.  
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