Maximizing space in your washroom

Mar 28 2011

Creating a functional washroom means using every square inch to your advantage.
Creating a functional washroom means using every square inch to your advantage.
Bathrooms are often a difficult place for interior designers, as the tub, sink and toilet are normally in fixed positions and working around them is a chore. Elaine Griffin, writer of Design Rules: The Insider's Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator recently shared her insights with Florida Today about maximizing space in bathrooms by clever use of light and space-saving techniques.

Griffin believes that the secret to creating a functional washroom is using every square inch to your advantage, to make it work for you.

"My biggest tip - when you can't go horizontal, which you can't in a teensy tiny space, go vertical," Griffin told the news source.

Shelving is one of the easiest ways to create storage space in a bathroom, and the use of floating wall shelves will be a modern accent for your space. In addition, the right lighting can work wonders - whether in the form of soft, overhead lighting or with the use of light-filtering shades.

Soft sheer shades could be the perfect option for your bathroom to provide privacy and light-filtering ability to suit your needs. They are available in numerous styles and can help increase your home's energy efficiency by controlling air leakage.  
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