Keep blinds closed to lower temperature, conserve energy

Jun 24 2010

Keep blinds closed to lower temperature, conserve energy
Keep blinds closed to lower temperature, conserve energy
Temperatures are beginning to climb as summer inches forward and not everybody is lucky enough to have air conditioning, but according to Eye Weekly, that doesn't mean there aren't other ways to ensure that one's house stays cool.

There are a number of simple steps to beat the heat that include air drying clothes instead of running a dryer or making sure there are ample window fans. Executive Director of the Conversation Council of Ontario Chris Winter told the source that keeping track of when the temperature is lowest and opening the windows can serve as "free air conditioning"

Window treatment can also be an ally in the fight against an uncomfortably hot house. Experts recommend hanging blinds because they can effectively block the sun's rays. The source goes on further to advocate making sure the blinds are drawn when one goes to bed so that the they are down when the sun comes up.

Not only will keeping blinds drawn make the temperature more bearable but it will also conserve energy and save money, said the Epoch Times.
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