Soft sheer shades perfect for home offices

Mar 16 2011

Soft sheer shades are perfect for a home office to provide ample light filtering.
Soft sheer shades are perfect for a home office to provide ample light filtering.
Home offices are a tough nut to crack when it comes to decorating, as the large amount of work-related clutter can often make things difficult. The proper window treatments can add a warm and inviting look to your work space, and soft sheer shades can provide the perfect amount of light to illuminate your room.

While having privacy in your home is important, a complete room darkening shade may not be appropriate in areas where you're working. Increasing the amount of light in your work space will help keep you invigorated and on task for the day.

Soft sheer shades will also allow you a partial view of the outside while the light is filtered through the shade. In addition, the window treatment is made out of fabric, so you get the great aesthetics of woven shades with the functionality of horizontal blinds. The shades can be custom-built to fit any space and are available in many colors to suit your space.

Best of all, soft sheer shades will help to reduce the cost of your utility bills by controlling air leakage throughout your home. Window treatments are one of the easiest ways of creating a greener, more efficient home.  
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