Black interiors are huge at the Toronto Interior Design Show

Mar 16 2011

Kitchens in darker colors were a huge hit at the recent Toronto Interior Design Show.
Kitchens in darker colors were a huge hit at the recent Toronto Interior Design Show.
The Toronto Interior Design show is one of the biggest exhibitions in the home decorating business, and brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry. Additionally, the show highlights some of the hottest trends in interior design, and this year it seemed like bold neutrals such as black, white and sleek silver made their way into many displays, according to

Kitchens and bathrooms were among the biggest recipients of this style and was incorporated into countertops, cupboards, faucets, pots and pans. In addition to this backdrop, it was much easier for designers to incorporate colorful textures, personal heirlooms and vibrant window treatments to create a cozy environment.

Window shades and blinds played an enormous role in the kitchen displays. The addition of natural light to a sleek and polished space is a delightfully contemporary look that provides plenty of freedom with style choices. Wood blinds or bamboo woven shades could provide a warm natural accent with a black and white kitchen.

Aluminum mini blinds could also be a perfect way to provide privacy, light control and timeless good looks to your redesigned space.  
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