Minimalist interior designs a hot trend for 2011

Feb 28 2011

The 'just enough' trend has become a popular interior design style for 2011.
The 'just enough' trend has become a popular interior design style for 2011.
The recession has caused a lot of people to reduce their consumption and live within their means. This frugal outlook has spread to many parts of consumer's lives, and interior design is no different. Stylish bare essentials will reflect the 'just enough' trend that is very much in style for the coming year.

"Anything which has a dominant, earthy presence is perfect for this look. This is exactly what essential living is all about," according to a spokesman for Our World of Interiors.

Creating a minimalist interior design is all about highlighting specific features in your home and using them as your focal point. A large sectional or collection of furniture placed into a conversational arrangement could be perfect for your home.

But, just because you may cut down on your clutter doesn't mean you should ignore color. Use a soft muted hue on the walls to give the illusion of more space and to provide warm ambiance for any time of day.

Bamboo woven wood shades could be the perfect accent for your new interior design. Their striking good looks will add depth and texture to your window treatments.  
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