Let light in with vertical blinds

Jun 23 2010

Let light in with vertical blinds
Let light in with vertical blinds
With so much going on their world, most people could use a room for them to unwind. Bev and Craig St. Charles have such a room in their suburban Chicago home but, as the Daily Herald reports, decorating it for optimum relaxation is not as easy as it sounds and since Bev wants to spend more time in the room, it should be properly furnished.

"We don't spend as much time out there as I wish we did," she told the news source.

With summer now in full swing, adding color and light to the room is important, experts say.

"The space is also a place for entertaining, so introducing whimsy and bright colors really amps up the fun factor," stylist Sally-Jo Enstad told the news outlet.

One way to ensure enough light enters the room is hanging an appropriate window treatment. While options like sheer curtains do provide a sun room bathed in light, they do not offer much in the way of privacy.

However, industry experts say vertical blinds can offer an option of either channeling light or obstructing views.
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