Five quick changes, including new window treatments, refresh any room

Feb 4 2011

One large rug can help unify different elements within a room.
One large rug can help unify different elements within a room.
As deputy style editor of Country Living magazine, Lili Diallo is constantly coming with ways that her readers can spruce up their homes using what they already own in new ways.

Diallo, in an interview with the Washington Post, named ways that homeowners are able to make a small décor change that can refresh a room instantly.

First, she suggests moving one piece of furniture to bring a new vantage point into a room, such as switching the position of the sofa in a living room.

Trying a new window treatment can update a room in no time, Diallo told the newspaper. Adding sheers over custom blinds, for instance, changes how light is brought into a room, particularly in winter when the light is more diffused.

Diallo also suggests replacing several small area rugs with one large rug to unify the elements of a room and give the impression of more space.

Flowers are another quick fix that brightens any room in the house and brings out the best in wall colors, whatever they are.

Finally, she advised home decorators to try adding something a little eccentric to give a room a unique personality. "When you have something that’s slightly overscale or slightly weird…it’s what gives it beauty," Diallo said.
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