Softer metal tones in custom drapery hardware are among new décor trends

Jan 31 2011

Softer metal tones are becoming popular in home hardware and fixtures.
Softer metal tones are becoming popular in home hardware and fixtures.
Following the recession, calculated home décor choices are focusing on long-term value for the price and sustainable design that cuts down on energy use.

"I'm seeing people spending money, but they're spending it wisely," Calgary interior decorator David Crosson told the Calgary Herald in Canada.

Beyond installing flooring from sustainable forests and purchasing energy-efficient appliances, furnishings are going green. Manufacturers have begun to make sofas stuffed with soy foam and upholstered with non-toxic fabrics, according to the newspaper.

Rustic furniture is also making a comeback, replacing high-gloss contemporary furnishings or sometimes mixing the two for an interesting combination of modern and traditional styles.

In vintage pieces, the 1970s are the rage – area rugs and throw pillows in geometric patterns and low, modular sofas updated in color and fabrics prevalent today. Accent walls are being painted in tertiary colors such as yellow green or aqua.

The Herald also reports that hardware, from bathroom fixtures to door handles, are becoming popular in warmer metal tones including burnished brass and gold. Those metals also can be displayed in custom drapery hardware, curtain rods and finials. Custom draperies come in any color or fabric to match a consumer's taste, while adding insulation and energy savings to the home.
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