Clocks and window treatments serve functional and decorative purposes

Jan 28 2011

Clocks can be decorative as well as functional.
Clocks can be decorative as well as functional.
Clocks are frequently overlooked as a decorative item in a household, because they have such an important function. But they can be drawn into the design scheme of any room in the house.

"Assess the time-telling needs of each room in your home and introduce stylish clocks accordingly," states Rue magazine.

Different rooms have different needs, and that applies to clocks as well. In a home office, it's important to know the date as well as the time so a clock should be one that includes both a time and date display.

A bedroom has a quieter function, but as the place where the day begins and ends, clocks are needed to wake us. But not all alarm clocks are the same, and homeowners should take into account how they prefer to wake – listening to music, by the sound of a loud buzz or a quiet beep, the magazine advises.

Window treatments also serve an important function as well as contribute to the decorative look of a room. Buying custom blinds online gives consumers a wide selection of colors and finishes that will fit any home décor, while addressing the practical issues of how light is managed for the room and how much privacy is needed.
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