Natural bamboo shade can look peaceful on seaside homes

Jan 27 2011

Natural bamboo shades can look peaceful on seaside homes
Natural bamboo shades can look peaceful on seaside homes
A new apartment in Dalkey, Ireland, seamlessly blends contemporary and classic elements and offers a balcony with a breathtaking view of the sea from the back of the apartment, according to The Irish Times.

Carefully planned by interior designer Neville Knot, it is now available to homeowners who are looking for a sophisticated and exotic location. To make the area as dignified as possible, he started by stripping the wallpaper and a pink carpet so he could replace them with suave, modern colors such as cream and duck-blue. He replaced the flooring with a combination of ceramic, limestone and marble.

He also specifically designed some areas, such as the box window, for casual and cozy gatherings.

"When people come, a group will pull a chair or two over by the window seat which has a radiator under it, making it cozy; and other groups gather at the other window seat in the dining room," Knott told the news source.

It can often be hard to complement a design that depends on a dichotomy between traditional and contemporary pieces, but window treatments such as a bamboo shade can prove to be ideal. These dignified, natural window treatments evoke a sense of peace and relaxation in any room.
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