Optimism, function and personality can be reflected by roller window shades

Jan 24 2011

Optimism, function and personality can be reflected by roller window shades
Optimism, function and personality can be reflected by roller window shades
There has been a lot of talk when it comes to starting the new year with a fresh look for the home. The Kansas City Star recently shared a comprehensive list of styles that individuals can choose if they are looking to remodel their abode.

One of the first recommendations is that one should stock up on items that reflect their personality. By decorating with pieces that inspire, it's possible to create a fun and eclectic mix.

This is especially important in a household where the tastes are diverse - try to throw a little bit of everything into the balance.

"Masculine and feminine in equal parts. You don't want to alienate anyone. Light and dark, and old with new, also both in the same amounts. That way the room is not a time capsule, but then it's not trying too hard to be cutting-edge," designer Sarah Richardson told the news source.

The kitchen, meanwhile, is a great place to experiment with lighting. The clearer, the better. Here, one may want to consider hanging solar shades, because these window treatments allow sunlight into a room but eliminate the glare. At night, it's also good to have a clean and simple lighting solution.

Interior designer Vicente Wolf suggests that, when it comes to flooring, popular tones may be shifting away from the rich, dark textures of hardwoods and moving in the favor of lighter, gray tones such as driftwood.

Well-worn, wooden furniture is another emerging trend. This durable choice offers a rustic charm that sometimes isn't present in more modern pieces. These homey items generally have faded colors that communicate a casual and relaxed feeling.

Those who are looking to better outline some of their favorite pieces should also consider applying the new 2011 color of honeysuckle as an accent. This pink-red color can be a beautiful complement to the linings of pillows or a wall in the bedroom.

Decorators who are interested in new colors may also want to consider applying gold to furniture finishes or upholstery. This gleaming shade can help make any setting feel majestic and luxurious.

In fact, one of the best ways to create an area with this vibrant hue is to find golden window treatments. Roller window shades are an ideal solution to windows, because they are fully customizable. Homeowners can choose from a variety of patterns and colors, so that they can choose the best look for each room.
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