Solar blinds add a measure of practicality to good design

Jan 20 2011

Eliminating excess accessories gives a clean, orderly look to a room.
Eliminating excess accessories gives a clean, orderly look to a room.
Much like the mantra of a real estate agent – location, location, location – the philosophy of Manhattan-based interior designer Sara Gilbane is edit, edit, edit.

Particularly at the start of a New Year, or a move into new digs, Gilbane told Elle Décor magazine that paring down one's decorative belongings periodically makes a room look better and its occupants feel better.

"It is hard to get rid of the knickknacks but your space feels so much better when you do," she said. "If you haven't reached for something in your closet, drawer, or that bin under your bed in six months, it is time to get rid of it!"

According to Elle Décor magazine, Gilbane applies that outlook to her modern take on traditional style. She likes elegant furnishings, but they should also have a youthful kick to them and a measure of practicality before she introduces them into a client's home.

One way that may help achieve this balance is by using window treatments that bring in a refreshing amount of natural light, but can also tone down harsh sunlight when needed. Solar blinds allow the homeowner to do both, and can be outfitted with a variety of colors and finishes to work well with traditional and modern room styles.
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