Design a simple and elegant home with wood blinds

Jan 17 2011

Design a simple and elegant home with wood blinds
Design a simple and elegant home with wood blinds
Simplicity may be one of the biggest interior design trends of 2011. This means that homeowners are trying to downsize, especially in the wake of the economic downturn, but they are also trying to make spaces as comfortable as possible, according to The Greenville News.

A number of popular additions to homes will grow to reflect this trend. Chief among them is the multifunctional piece such as the ottoman or coffee table with drawers. These pieces can help homeowners accomplish more with less, simultaneously leaving more room in the budget and also providing each room with a sparse, clean look.

Interior designer Beverly Thompson also predicts that more homeowners will begin to upholster their furniture with sustainable fabrics such as wool. Bamboo may also become more predominant as a material for tables and flooring. The popularity of these renewable solutions will also be due to their relaxing and neutral colors.

This could also drive an increased demand in bamboo woven wood shades, because these green window treatments offer the same, natural appearance as other objects crafted from the material.

Lighting may also begin changing, so that there will be more ambient bulbs instead of overhead.

"I think we got so into overhead lighting and track lighting that now it's given us a very harsh look, so we're trying to work more with different types of lighting for a wonderful feel," industry expert Margi Kyle told the news provider. "You know when you think of lighting, it's energy."

Another way that homeowners can take advantage of gentle light is by using window treatments such as wood blinds. These blinds can create a refined and traditional environment to any room without clashing with the rest of the palette.

This could be handy for those who are experimenting with new colors. Kyle stated that she has been observing more lime greens. Bold hues appear to be experiencing a surge in popularity, which may indicate that more households are becoming comfortable with personalizing living spaces.

"Experiment with bold hues in a kitchen or bathroom where there is limited wall space so a bold color won't overwhelm the room," Jaclyn Pardini explained to the news source.

Kyle recommends purple to those who are looking to refresh an old space, because it is a new and stylish hue that can inspire other design ideas. Earthy browns can accomplish a similar effect while also giving a home a classic and rustic appearance.
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