Lower heating bills with honeycomb cellular shades

Jan 13 2011

Lower heating bills with honeycomb cellular shades
Lower heating bills with honeycomb cellular shades
When it comes to heating bills, many homeowners look for any effective way to reduce costs. This winter is no exception, and MPNNow.com recently shared some tips with individuals who are looking to heat their home a little more efficiently.

One recommendation is a thermostat that can be programmed for different temperatures. This way, one can keep the heat as low as possible during the workday but, by the time the family is back home, the household can be comfortably warm.

If one has a ceiling fan, it can be beneficial to reverse the rotation of the blades. Because hot air rises, a fan that's blowing toward the floor can keep heat circulating in the lower part of the room.

The news source also suggests keeping vents open so that hot air can properly circulate throughout the house. One should also try and take advantage of the sun during the day by moving shades aside.

Window treatments should also be considered. Honeycomb cellular shades are ideal for retaining warm air, because the cells can capture the drafts coming from the windows and ensure that heat stays put.
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