Honeycomb cellular shades conserve energy at home's entry

Jan 12 2011

A home's foyer gives a first impression of the homeowner's decorating style.
A home's foyer gives a first impression of the homeowner's decorating style.
The foyer is the space that a visitor to one's home sees before any other, the place where a good or bad impression can be made instantly.

"A foyer is a terrific opportunity to make a statement about who you are and what your house is like so you have to make it count," according to HGTV.com, which counts unappealing foyer designs among homeowners' worst decorating mistakes.

The website's advice is not to dwell on making a grand entrance. It can be a simple arrangement of a small entry table or bookcase topped by a mirror, artwork or a striking centerpiece.

Choose a surface large enough to hold the house keys and mail if that's the main entry for homeowners as well as visitors. Setting out a basket or decorative container for this purpose keeps the surface attractive and organized.

Any natural light that comes into the space through a nearby window is a plus. But if the window is right near the door, the homeowner may wish to limit the escape of heat or cool air by installing a honeycomb cellular shade, which traps air to conserve heat in winter and cool down hot rooms in summer.
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