Make a home office productive and comfortable with solar screen shades

Jan 10 2011

Make a home office productive and comfortable with solar screen shades
Make a home office productive and comfortable with solar screen shades
When it comes time to create a home office, building and designing the room sometimes seems to be the hardest part. Many homeowners will hire outside help to properly fit the wiring within the walls, as well as arrange the desk and cabinets.

But when it's finally the right time to make the home office one's own, the challenge may be surprising to some. A home office can't be like the rest of the house - instead, it needs to be productive and professional.

While professionalism can be a state of mind, the environment can have a huge impact on a worker's ability to perform well. This means that designing an office to suit an individual's needs is just as important as actually making the space, according to

If homeowners are stumped as to how to begin making their new workplace just right, it can pay off to work on decluttering. Picking up spare papers and putting them into cabinets, organizing office accessories into drawers and deciding what items are used on a regular basis, are all good steps to take.

If something isn't work-related, it may be best to simply move it to a different room. Not only that, make sure that distracting objects - from pets or kid's toys - are also out of the office. This can attract unwanted company and the office has to be a place of productivity.

After these initial steps, the news source suggests that one separates the room into three zones - storage, desk items and display.

Reference materials, folders, files and office supplies can all be considered as items that are best left in storage. Put these into accessible closets or cabinets until they are needed. Otherwise, these items can quietly accumulate on a desk and one has to start at the beginning of the process again.

That means that the bare minimum is recommended when it comes to deciding on desk items. A pencil, computer, stapler and tape can always be beneficial, but anything else may be excessive.

Books, magazines and other publications should be stacked neatly on a bookshelf, an area that can be personalized with a few framed photographs.

When it comes to comfort, one should also invest in window treatments such as solar screen shades, which can eliminate a computer's glare but still allow natural daylight into the room. The scenery outside is also still visible, making a space feel more open.
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