Custom drapery adapts well to both traditional and contemporary designs

Jan 7 2011

Sheer fabrics work best on sunny, south-facing windows.
Sheer fabrics work best on sunny, south-facing windows.
One of the most adaptable of window treatments are panels of custom drapery. They can influence how much natural light comes into a room, pull together the overall look of a space and help coordinate contemporary and traditional furnishings.

According to, a website of Better Homes and Gardens, antique lace panels, for instance, are as at home with traditional upholstered furniture as clean lines of modern design elements. "By mixing different combinations of fabric color and pattern, as well as the accompanying hardware and hanging placement, a myriad of looks are possible," states the website.

South-facing windows that bring in lots of natural light can benefit from sheer drapery fabrics, which filters the sun's brightness without sacrificing the light that envelops a room with a southern exposure.

The website recommends juxtaposing straight panels of custom drapery with large pieces of artwork or other unique accessories, so that the drapes become a frame that draws attention to these features. A curved drape, on the other hand, draws the eye upward to create the illusion of greater height. This works especially well in a long, narrow room.
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