Start the New Year in style with wood blinds

Jan 5 2011

Start the New Year in style with wood blinds
Start the New Year in style with wood blinds
In the ever-changing world of interior design, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with all the new fashions. Luckily, The Kansas City Star recently released a concise list of the 2011 trends that will be in homes across the country.

Overall, the main theme appears to be personality and comfort. Rather than redoing a room every few years, homeowners are looking to make spaces feel lived-in and luxurious. One new look is found in vintage furniture.

"Going for vintage ups the ante on what you can achieve," interior designer Sarah Richardson told the news source. "If you don't mind the challenge of never knowing what you might find, the quality is typically better, and prices are lower than what you'd get new."

In the kitchen, this may be the most pronounced feature - some experts are suggesting that cabinets, floors and countertops will start featuring lighter tones of wood.

Not only can this natural element give a space a natural feel, it can also make for a dignified appearance. Wood blinds are the ideal window treatment for a traditional room, because they are subtle and refined additions to the atmosphere.
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