Tackle clutter and make a room stand out for the new year with faux wood blinds

Jan 3 2011

Tackle clutter and make a room stand out for the new year with faux wood blinds
Tackle clutter and make a room stand out for the new year with faux wood blinds
Now that 2011 has officially begun, many homeowners may be thinking how they can spice up their house for the new year. The trick may be to start small, especially as one picks up after the holiday season and starts to put decorations back in the attic.

In fact, this clean-up process can offer individuals the ideal opportunity to plan a new strategy for cleaning up the clutter of a home, according to Gannett News Service.

Clutter can consist of many different items, some of which one may be hesitant to throw away. However, it's important to try and picture how useful each object is - will any family member really reread old magazines that are stacked up on a bedroom table or bureau?

Homeowners should also consider their overall design scheme and take note of each piece of furniture. If one item sticks out like a sore thumb, it may be time to try and rearrange the room. Take the misplaced object and put it in a different space or give it away.

The news source suggests that, if one is at a loss for ideas when it comes to redesigning an area, putting couches, sofas and shelves in a U-shape can be an easy and effective way to tidy up a room.

While going through this process, try to get out the vacuum and remove all the dust on the floor.

Another good tactic for decluttering is to take similar items and group them together into collections. This can be a great way to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the valuables and may also afford homeowners a glance at how many of the object they actually own.

If the number seems to be excessive, individuals should consider rotating the items, so that only some are on display at a time.

"If you don't love it, donate it," the news outlet recommends.

This tip includes books, which can be responsible for overstocked shelves that can make a room feel cramped.

Closets should be completely redone. Homeowners should make an effort to remove all the items stored in these spaces and, if they haven't been used in a year, consider donating them as well.

Once a home has been thoroughly decluttered, one should celebrate by adding a touch of elegance to a room with faux wood blinds. These affordable window treatments are made from durable, synthetic material that can be easily maintained and kept clean of dust and other debris.
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