Strike a balance between form and function with roman shades

Dec 22 2010

Strike a balance between form and function with roman shades
Strike a balance between form and function with roman shades
Comfort is an oft-touted value when it comes to designing a home, but so is style. Many individuals have difficulty balancing these two traits, because the former seems to be intuitive and the latter can sometimes present a challenge, according to Newsday.

However, interior designer Caroline Wilkes has advice for those who are looking to blend these two elements, she suggests keepingin mind that the aesthetics of comfort are just as important as the tactile experience of it.

"A cozy space requires furnishings and fabrics that bring comfort to the body and softness next to the skin," she told the news provider. "[The] room must also be perceived as comfortable and inviting and appear relaxing and intimate."

The first step is to make the borders to this relaxing space distinct. Laying down a fuzzy or colorful rug can help with this task, as can a strategic furniture arrangement that adds a border to the area.
Warm and welcoming lighting also plays a role in illuminating this particular space.

"Add a dimmer switch to overhead lighting," interior designer Elizabeth Vaughan told the news source. "And use lamps whenever you can - floor lamps, table lamps, decorative lamps. Soft lighting is essential for a cozy room."

Then, it's time to really personalize the area by decorating it with accessories and colors that suit an individual's tastes. This can include throw pillows, valuables and artwork, but it's also wise not to go overboard, so visitors don't feel claustrophobic when entering the room.

There are variations on actual design themes that homeowners can select when making a space comfortable, including cozy glam, chic and clubby.

To make a room glamorous, one should work to incorporate soft and inviting textures into the space. Shag rugs and soft blankets are good additions to this design.

In contrast, making a cozy chic area should place an emphasis on creative surfaces and textures such as iron, glass and steel, as well as leather. Lighting is a big part of making this kind of space comfortable.

Leather is another prominent element in clubby design, but one should also try to make a room that doesn't have any digital invaders in it - replace televisions and computers with photographs and books.

The vibrant colors of roman shades can also represent an ideal balance between comfort and style, because these patterns can be customized to fit with any room's design and window treatments offer an element of elegance as well.
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