Custom drapery can be elegant touch to a drawing room

Dec 15 2010

Custom drapery can be elegant touch to a drawing room
Custom drapery can be elegant touch to a drawing room
Interior designer Wendy Nicholls recently shared the details of her drawing room with The Telegraph, which was primarily inspired by a Swedish theme that can be found everywhere in the space, from the furniture to the walls.

When it came to the foundation of the room, Nicholls decided on a blue-gray paint that was then refined by an artist who derived her inspiration from a 17th-century Swedish house.

She also opted for a graceful combination of traditional and modern furniture. A quirky, blue-and-black cartonnier stands in one corner and serves as her filing cabinet and a surface for a colorful urn, while a vibrant, red lacquer coffee table adds a shine to the center of the space without being too overwhelming.

Two comfortable sofas are located on either side of this piece and both boast fabric and cushions that have colorful, Turkish embroidery.

Those who are looking to add a fresh burst of color to their own room should consider hanging custom drapery in the windows. These window treatments can be designed with a unique pattern that can suit the design of a homeowner's choice.
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