Create an elegant and original home for the holidays with roman shades

Dec 13 2010

Create an elegant and original home for the holidays with roman shades
Create an elegant and original home for the holidays with roman shades
While many homeowners may feel inspired to go overboard with plastic decorations, as well as reds and greens, one may want to consider trying a different approach to Christmas this year, according to The Associated Press.

A tasteful and understated holiday theme can be an affordable and elegant alternative to filling a room with festive colors and trinkets.

"One of my rules is there really should only be one 'holiday room' in the house," interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn told the news provider. "We get caught up in who's coming over for Christmas, but that one day everybody comes over is a small fraction of the time these decorations will be up."

Making an entire home feel like Christmas may be tempting at first, but it can quickly prove to be overwhelming to visitors and residents alike.

Changing the traditional color scheme of the holidays can also add some creative flair to the rooms. Interior designer Betsy Burnham advises using unconventional, yet aesthetic pairings such as red and cream or green and gold. Even ivory and white can reflect a holiday atmosphere that is a little more graceful than red and green.

Flynn suggests rich, vibrant hues for ornaments balanced against more neutral ones, such as violet or hot pink pieces hung with silver.

The tree itself can benefit from spray-on snow or another substitute that can emphasize the majesty of the season. The beauty of winter can often get lost with all the fervor surrounding holiday decorations.

"I like a nod to the holidays," Burnham told the news provider. "Then have a couple of elements that really stand for winter [such as pine branches, birch logs and chestnuts]."

One can also save money and hang original decorations by using presents and gift wrap, which is usually festively colored already. Last year's holiday cards can also be included in this strategy - homeowners can cut out the especially notable parts of each one and hang them from a tree.

The ultimate goal is a subtlety that makes Christmas more about the company and less about the frantic preparations.

Homeowners who are looking for window treatments to complement a room so that it can reflect the season in an elegant and understated way may want to consider investing in roman shades. These versatile shades are available in a wide rang of colors and patterns, so that they can be a worthy addition to any space for any occasion.
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