Noise reduction shades ensures sound sleep for young sleepover guests

Dec 3 2010

Various sleeping accommodations are available for young guests staying overnight during school vacations.
Various sleeping accommodations are available for young guests staying overnight during school vacations.
Holiday vacations are a good time to schedule a sleepover for a child and her pals, and the extra bedding needed for a young overnight guest can come in a number of alternatives.

If the children want to feel like they're camping out, set up a tent and air mattresses so they can pretend they are in the great outdoors, according to

There are also furnishings that do double duty, including ottomans on casters that convert into a camp bed. They often come with a narrow foam mattress just the right size for a youngster.

Convertible beds come in all sizes these days - sofas, love seats or comfortable, reading chair size. All fold out in a jiffy for a sleepover guest.

Daybeds that are usually kept as extra seating in a home office or den can be converted into a spare bed. Just supply pillows and bedding and the changeover is complete. Some daybeds come equipped with an optional trundle that rolls out from undeneath, the website reports.

To make sure that children during a sleepover get enough sleep, set up their sleeping quarters in a room with noise reduction window shades. They can block sound from traffic, nearby trains or neighborhood noise that may cause youngsters to waken.
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