Make a living room unique with custom drapery and lamps

Nov 30 2010

Make a living room unique with custom drapery and lamps
Make a living room unique with custom drapery and lamps
George Gronvold has been working with creative lighting solutions since the 1980s and he is confident that if a homeowner takes the time to implement lamps in a room, they can drastically change its look, according to The Arizona Republic.

He recommends several tips for beginners who are looking to improve their space with lighting.

Balance is key to any lighting plan, because symmetrical lamps can guarantee that the illumination is spread evenly across the room. In a bedroom, tables should be on either side of the bed and both should have a lamp.

Gronvold also advises homeowners to make sure that lampshades are up to date, or they may throw off the coloring of the whole room. Those who are looking for a dramatic addition to a space may also want to opt for black shades.

Decorative pieces that are placed at the top of the lamp can also be fun and creative.

Lighting and window treatments are intertwined. Those who want beautiful and elegant solutions for windows should consider custom drapery. These window treatments offer personal and bold patterns that can reflect the lighting of a space and create a soft, welcoming feel.
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