Faux wood blinds can help create an elegant holiday look

Nov 29 2010

Faux wood blinds can help create an elegant holiday look
Faux wood blinds can help create an elegant holiday look
Coming up with affordable and effective holiday decorating tips can be a hassle for any homeowner, particularly when one is also trying to shop for loved ones. Luckily, the Poughskeepsie Journal recently interviewed several interior designers, who shared their wisdom in creating a warm and welcoming abode for the holidays.

Helen Piteo-Varrone suggests that each homeowner should begin their plan by thinking of a theme. This can be a religious or seasonal one, but it should help guide the decoration going forward.

Once the theme is settled, one should carefully select colors that can best reflect it. Piteo-Varrone recommends trying to think of a theme that will complement colors that are already available in a home, as well as one that won't conflict with the its architecture.

Natural decorations can go along with many themes and homeowners may want to stock up on green items that can keep an abode feeling festive.

"My take on this year's approach is organic and elegantly simple," interior designer Jayne Christy told the news provider. "Showy is out and thoughtful is in. For me, that means decorating with greens, boughs, pine cones, holly and vases of flowers."

She added that lighting is another touch that can greatly improve the attraction of any room. Stylish candles or ornamental lighting can be a great way to help illuminate the early evenings. She emphasizes resourcefulness so that homeowners use items in the attic or basement as quirky decorations.

Designer Deborah Javier told the news provider that, to maintain an affordable theme, one may also want to spice up different parts of a house with colorful fruits, spices, nuts or greens.

Cinnamon sticks, oranges or cranberries can be ideal for decorating and adding a pleasant scent to an area, so that guests can enjoy a room on several levels.

"My advice would be, keep it simple enough so as to not be cumbersome, sentimental enough to carry a sense of tradition from year to year, and incorporate as many natural elements as possible [such as evergreen and berries] to celebrate the season," interior designer Linda Gayton told the publication.

For those who are also looking to add a subtle and elegant touch to the windows, faux wood blinds are affordable, durable and easy to clean. They reflect the natural warmth of wood blinds, but don't carry the price tag.

Faux wood blinds can be ideal for homes which are rich with Christmas and New Year's greenery.
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