Custom drapery and slipcovers provide a personalized look in any style room

Nov 19 2010

Slipcovers allow homeowners to change the look of a room according to the seasons.
Slipcovers allow homeowners to change the look of a room according to the seasons.
Between entertaining visitors and family activities, upholstered furniture takes a beating more than most furnishings.

According to, a practical solution is to use slipcovers to change the appearance of a large upholstered piece, and give the upholstery a much needed rest. They can add life into the room's décor by providing an easy makeover.

Slipcovers also give homeowners a chance to change the look of a room according to seasons.

"Dark upholstery pieces that create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the winter months may seem a bit too warm for spring and summer. [The solution is] white slipcovers, which can create a cool haven for those hot, humid days," interior designer Shari Hiller told the website.

Hiller, the co-author of Real Decorating for Real People, said slipcovers can create a unified look among furniture that is mismatched in color and style. Apartment dwellers who want to add style to neutral walls and carpeting can also use them to personalize their space.

Additionally, custom drapery offers a chance for homeowners to customize a room. These window treatments can give living rooms a creative and pulled-together look when integrated with the color scheme, upholstery or slipcovers.
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