Valances fit the streamlined look of Art Deco style

Nov 17 2010

The geometric lines of Art Deco can be incorporated into the modern home.
The geometric lines of Art Deco can be incorporated into the modern home.
For a homeowner who likes a streamlined, geometric look in their furnishings, the Art Deco style is a good choice for their home décor.

The style originated in the 1920s and influenced both architecture and interior design, according to Two New York City landmarks – the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building – are well-known examples of Art Deco architecture.

The design elements of the style are zigzig and step patterns, sweeping curves and sunburst shapes. Inlaid wood, aluminum, lacquer and stainless steel are some of the materials associated with Art Deco, the website reports.

For a window treatment that offsets the sophisticated lines of Art Deco, a valance can be mounted over window shades, blinds or curtains. Simple crown molding installed around a room are a good complement to valances.

Seating can be comfortable, upholstered pieces to prevent the look from becoming too austere. Coffee tables and other surfaces in oval shapes are a good contrast to geometrically-placed, framed art work and black-and-white photos on the walls. Art Deco also is known for pedestals used to accessorize a room with plants or sculptures.
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