Custom drapery can help a home stay unique

Nov 15 2010

Custom drapery can help a home stay unique
Custom drapery can help a home stay unique
Interior designer Chad Alan recently shared his favorite innovations with The Washington Post. He highlighted one new trend for homeowners - customization.

"I love color and texture, and I despise beige-on-beige... Why settle for beige when you have a whole fan-deck of colors to choose from?" Alan asked the news provider. "I think interior design is going toward working with more custom pieces, those things the Joneses down the street don't have."

One of his favorite creative touches is found in the library of his home, which has curved shelves which are attached to the window frames. Light delicately hits these surfaces and also highlights the designer's collection of glass spheres found in the room.

He also designed a custom desk that stands underneath an archway, hearkening back to a traditional design scheme. The office space is wedged between two bookshelves, fitting snugly in the apartment.

Those who are looking to add unique flair to their own home may want to invest in custom drapery. These window treatments are available in a number of different colors and styles that are sure to match any theme.
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