Soft sheer shades can open up a cluttered room

Nov 5 2010

Soft sheer shades can open up a cluttered room
Soft sheer shades can open up a cluttered room
With winter right around the corner, families are bound to spend more time indoors. This can mean a little more one-on-one time with the kids, but it can easily lead to a messier household, with games, electronics and toys scattered across the home.

It can often seem that no matter how often a space is cleaned, the clutter magically appears overnight. For this reason, interior designer Susan Llewellyn suggests a much more permanent solution, according to

She suggests that homeowners should invest in a spacious cupboard or a chest of drawers. This may encourage loved ones to put their belongings into a neatly organized spot, rather than leave it on the floor.

Additionally, shoes can contribute to clutter. Making use of a shoe rack can both add function and an aesthetic detail to the room. Older items that aren't used can be donated or thrown out.

Allowing the maximum amount of sunlight into a space can also make it feel more open. Soft sheer shades are ideal window treatments for a room that may feel cramped or cluttered because they don't block the scenery of the outdoors and can eliminate the glare of sunlight that may affect television or computer screens.
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