Vertical blinds that work well at home also fit hospital's bright new decor

Nov 5 2010

Large windows are a good fit with vertical blinds.
Large windows are a good fit with vertical blinds.
The whitest items these days at the Orange Base Hospital in the Australian state of New South Wales are the doctors' coats.

The Central Western Daily reports that the public hospital has traded in white hospital walls for a bright color palette, with each department decorated in a a different hue. Cancer care services has chosen green, while the women and infants unit is done up in raspberry.

Planners for the hospital's new look chose different colors for therapeutic value. Color psychology was employed in the selection of soothing tones for procedural areas, cancer and mental health units, while warmer colors can be found in public and ambulatory sections.

STH Health Architecture was the designer for the project and used the city of Orange's history and landscape as the inspiration for the new interiors.

"We spent a bit of time in the Orange city area and had a look at the local environment, the history and, in particular, the local trees," STH's director Errol Chiplowitz told the newspaper. "That was the springing point, the beautiful natural environment."

Vertical blinds for large windows and glass doors found in homes and many commercial buildings are available in a variety of colors. They can be adjusted to provide privacy and to adjust how much light comes into a room.
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