Keep rooms lit in the winter with roller shades

Nov 1 2010

Winter is right around the corner and many homeowners may find themselves wondering how to keep an abode warm and inviting during the darker months. The Independent recently suggested a few lighting solutions for the days when the sun sets before dinner.

In the living room, some may want to consider adding a switch that can dim the main light. One may also want to include table lamps which can provide more intimate illumination.

"Clever lighting can really dictate the mood of a room" interior stylist Emily Chalmers told the news provider. "For relaxing spaces, invest in lighting of different heights, keeping the focus on the lower levels."

Homeowners who are looking to create an office space can also use lighting to distinguish the area, which can be handy if there's no room for a separate study room. Having a well-placed desk lamp can promote the illusion of a private corner, even if it has to be shared with the rest of the living room.

For hallways, the news source suggests installing overhead lighting, like a chandelier, which can convey a sense of drama.

While it may get dark earlier in the day, window treatments shouldn't be overlooked in the winter. Roller shades can nearly disappear when they are raised, letting in the maximum amount of light, but they can also grant homeowners a sense of privacy when drawn.
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