Make a home feel more open with soft sheer shades

Oct 28 2010

Make a home feel more open with soft sheer shades
Make a home feel more open with soft sheer shades
Professor of interior design Ellen Goode claims that one current trend in home design is to create open floor plans and have large, spacious rooms, rather than having a distinct space for each one, according to The Canadian Press.

Older homes may have divided sections, but Goode claims that there is one simple way of getting rid of these barriers - tear them down. While demolishing walls may seem like a costly expense at first, it may be less than homeowners think.

However, before seriously considering this renovation, it's also key to think of the benefits. Paul J Zuch, president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, suggests that merging a kitchen with a living room may help keep a family better connected.

"The kitchen is the hub of the household," he told the news provider. "Kids are doing homework ... mom wants to keep an eye on the kids when they're on the Internet."

If this seems like a benefit, homeowners may want to consider hiring a professional.

Creating an open feeling in any room is a worthy goal, and window treatments can help with this effect. Soft sheer shades can eliminate the sun's glare, which can sometimes make spaces feel constrained, but also keep a home open to the expansive landscape outside.
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