Design a natural, intimate dining room with wood blinds

Oct 26 2010

Design a natural, intimate dining room with wood blinds
Design a natural, intimate dining room with wood blinds
The later months of fall are marked by important holidays for many families, and decorating expert Karl Lohnes recently shared some tips for creating an intimate atmosphere in a dining room that can serve as a peaceful gathering place for friends and relatives, according to The Evansville Courier & Press.

First and foremost, Lohnes recommends finding a dining table that suits the shape of the room. If the space is rectangular, homeowners may want to use a similar shaped table for meals. A more square area may be complemented nicely by a circular surface.

Chair cushions can add a touch of comfort and luxury to the seating arrangements, but it's also important not to invest in fabrics that can only be dry-cleaned, because the occasional spill is inevitable at family gatherings, particularly ones with small children.

To create a distinct dining space, the news source also recommends painting the walls a deeper color than the rooms around it, because this will make the area stand out.

For a soft, natural touch to the windows, homeowners may want to consider wood blinds. These beautiful window treatments can help foster a dignified and relaxed atmosphere, even during a chaotic holiday celebration.
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