Pleated window shades are an attractive, economical choice for utility-based design

Oct 25 2010

Clean, uncluttered design is a favorite home style of today's consumers.
Clean, uncluttered design is a favorite home style of today's consumers.
A home design trend focusing on utility takes into account the public's newfound respect for saving money, energy and materials, according to

"Products marketed aggressively in glossy brochures are being replaced by the untreated and fundamental," the website reports. "Designed for everyday use, utility products give greater meaning to their relationship with the user and suggest a longer lifespan. The pure, modest and unadorned are celebrated."

Consumers now want products that have staying power, and aren't part of the latest fad. Simple textile techniques convey comfort, while industrial accents give stability to the look. Classic lines are offset by handcrafted items that provide a nostalgic influence.

For window treatments, pleated shades are an attractive and economical choice, and they convey the simplicity and usefulness of the utility-based design trend. They come in a variety of colors, finishes and materials to complement any home decorating style. Pleated shades also stack tightly when raised to maximize an outdoor view, or can be adjusted for more subdued lighting. Their popularity has also led to a wide variety of shapes for non-rectangular windows.
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