Turn a tiny apartment into an intimate space with custom drapery

Oct 21 2010

Turn a tiny apartment into an intimate space with custom drapery
Turn a tiny apartment into an intimate space with custom drapery
Sometimes, less can compel homeowners to do more when it comes to interior design, and Enid Woodward exemplifies this trend with her 600-square-foot apartment in Manhattan, where she made the most of every corner and color at her disposal.

According to Houma Today, the wide open space doesn't have any dividers. Instead, Woodward embraced the floor plan so that every section of the room has a designated function. There is also a terrace, which allows her easy access to the outdoors if she begins to feel claustrophobic.

However, it seems that Woodward enjoys the cozy residence. The steps to the terrace double as seats for guests. The washer and dryer, refrigerator and dishwasher are all hidden behind red panels.

"I just feel like I have everything that I need, and I am constantly amazed at how convenient everything is. Everything just seems close at hand, because the place is so small. It seems like a great luxury to have it that way instead of a great liability," she told the news source.

Those who are looking to create a soft and luxurious atmosphere in a small abode may want to hang custom drapery on windows, which can make even the smallest space feel like a five-star hotel. Drapes can be designed in unique colors and patterns, too, so they can be made to fit any setting.
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