Create an age-neutral room with wood blinds

Oct 19 2010

Refresh a bathroom with honeycomb cellular shades
Refresh a bathroom with honeycomb cellular shades
When children are young, parents may feel that they can do no wrong when designing a room. Colorful fabrics and wallpapers are often plentiful in kids' bedrooms but as years go by, it may be necessary to create a more permanent setting that can accommodate a child from the single-digits to adulthood.

Sharon Litton's three children are in this group. At 11, 12 and 14-years-old, they are outgrowing toys and clothes as fast as rooms. So, when Litton purchased her new Norfolk, Virginia, home, she tried to make sure that it would last for years to come.

Each child now has a private bathroom and bedroom, and a mud room awaits all of the accessories and apparel that they will shed through their teenage years, replete with cubbies and hooks for extra storage space.

A gas fireplace is located in the family room, which seamlessly connects to the dining room, and is bound to be a popular gathering point for post-dinner family games and conversations. There is also a play space and homework station, where the children can evenly divide work and play.

When designing a child's room, it may be better to find age-neutral decorations like wood blinds. These natural window treatments can be beautiful and charming to individuals of all ages, and save homeowners from shuffling through colors and themes every year.
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