Create an economically-sized office with soft sheer shades

Oct 18 2010

Create an economically-sized office with soft sheer shades
Create an economically-sized office with soft sheer shades
A home office can be a great place for productivity, whether an individual is doing bills, homework or a 9 to 5, but it is often hard to find a room that can be spared for that purpose. However, claims that dividing a part of the space into an office can be just as effective.

Homeowners who want to create a room that is only partially for work should first make sure that the furniture matches the wall colors, which can make the space blend, creating the illusion of more space.

The news source also recommends that the home office is distinct from the rest of the room, either through the use of a divider or a piece of furniture that designates the spot. If one is really pressed for space, the closet of a guest room can be converted into an office with little difficulty.

Windows can be a great source of natural light, which can inspire a calm feeling, even in stressful situations, so homeowners may also want to position the office in front of a window and hanging soft sheer shades as a treatment. These shades can effectively eliminate the glare of sunlight on a computer screen and also afford busy bees a glance into the outdoors.
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