Make a healthier home with bamboo woven wood shades

Oct 13 2010

Roller shades can provide a modern touch to rustic home
Roller shades can provide a modern touch to rustic home
Making a home more eco-friendly doesn't always just benefit the environment - sometimes it can benefit a family as well, according to The Hindustan Times.

There are several aspects of home design that can be modified in order to promote a healthy atmosphere for a household, particularly one with young children who may be susceptible to airborne toxins.

One place to inspect is the ventilation system, as this can be a damp place for dangerous molds to grow, as well as a place for carbon monoxide to travel. The news source recommends making a way for a cross-breeze to enter through the vents and sweep away buildup that could otherwise be toxic.

Household cleaners are often sources of damaging chemicals as well, and one may find that more natural ways of cleaning can be just as effective. By using soap, baking soda and other ingredients, it is possible to make a cleaning formula that is safe for the home.

The news provider also suggests that homeowners allow sunlight into each room, so that mites and molds don't form on couches and chairs.

To maximize the aesthetic appeal of windows, one may also want to consider hanging bamboo woven wood shades, which are made from all-natural material that is harvested without the use of additional chemicals or pesticides.
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