Word-of-mouth wins over social media with home improvement products

Oct 12 2010

Consumers rely on word-of-mouth advice when they buy home improvement products.
Consumers rely on word-of-mouth advice when they buy home improvement products.
When it comes to buying home improvement products by those planning to buy or renovate a home, word-of-mouth advice wins over social media information, according to HomeTextilesToday.com.

In its Simultaneous Media Usage Survey, the consumer research firm BigResearch found that more than 47 percent chose word-of-mouth opinions as their primary influence on home improvement purchases, the website reported. Articles written about a product influenced 34 percent, while 32 percent considered magazines and in-store promotions, and more than 31 percent chose TV broadcasts as influences.

The survey, conducted earlier this year, found that only 7 percent said social media influenced their home improvement purchases, although 16 percent said they began their search for products online and 22 percent used social media later to communicate with others about a service or product.

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